Symptoms Associated with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy can manifest in many ways with symptoms varying widely from person to person.

From mild tingling to complete numbness, peripheral neuropathy can be life altering, affecting the activities of daily living. These symptoms are not normal and they are not inevitable. The earlier you begin treatment, the less likely permanent damage will be done.

  • “dry” skin
  • loss of balance
  • cramping
  • numbness in hands and feet
  • tingling in hands and feet
  • burning sensations in hands, feet or legs
  • sensitivity to even light touch
  • muscle weakness or wasting
  • inability to sweat normally
  • organ dysfunction
  • gland dysfunction
  • problems with digestion
  • blood pressure swings
  • paralysis
  • abnormal sexual function
  • organ failure