Frequently Asked Questions about RevitaNerve Supplement

How does RevitaNerve work?

The components are known to support the healthy function of nerves.

Can RevitaNerve be taken with other medications such as Neurontin, Lyrica, and Cymbalta for my peripheral neuropathy?

Yes, RevitaNerve works by nourishing the nerves with natural nutrients to optimize function. This is very different from pharmaceuticals which act to block the pain signal. It is not uncommon to use both medications and nerve supplements. There have been no reported interactions.

Are there other benefits of taking RevitaNerve daily?

RevitaNerve contains potent antioxidants and Vitamin D which contribute to the maintenance of cognitive and many other functions in the human body.
They have been demonstrated to support overall health.

Are there any side effects associated with RevitaNerve?

There are no serious side effects reported from any of the ingredients found in RevitaNerve. However always report any concerns to your doctor.

Why should someone take RevitaNerve?

RevitaNerve is part of the management of a potentially devastating disease. Constant pain, numbness and risk of more serious problems are possible consequences. Early intervention is the key to managing peripheral neuropathy and delaying or reversing its effects.

I have been diagnosed with Diabetes but I do not have the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Should I take RevitaNerve?

The best clinical evidence suggests that active prevention is key. Why wait until pain starts? Start your preventive lifestyle today.

What if I am taking other vitamins or supplements already?

Although it can be beneficial to take other vitamin supplements, the RevitaNerve ingredients have been specifically selected for nerve health. Multivitamins do not contain the specific nerve optimizing ingredients in their most effective form, as found in RevitaNerve. It is the specific form of the vitamin that leads to its effectiveness in peripheral neuropathy.

Couldn’t I just take these supplement ingredients individually?

RevitaNerve contains the optimal dosage of the clinically effective supplements in a single capsule. This saves you both time and money. Taking the supplements individually would cost you at least 3 times more and would require many more capsules per day.

How do I best take RevitaNerve?

The best time to take RevitaNerve is with food in the morning.

Tell me about the 100% money back guarantee?

Just like it sounds. We want to earn your business. If you are unhappy with RevitaNerve, simply call or email us and we will process a refund.

Is it safe to order online?

Yes our website is securely encrypted and uses a Stripe Merchant terminal. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. We will never share your information with anyone.